Ice boats @ MIT

Guided by Professor John Brisson, four MIT students and four students from SUTD build ice boats and take them out on Moosehead Lake.


Baseball Game Simulator

Student Investigator: David Hesslink Advisor: Will Cousins Industry Partner: Houston Astros I’ve always been fascinated with the game of baseball as a player, fan, and scientist. Last semester, I received the opportunity to study the game I love through the 2.086 Challenge Project. Using Monte Carlo simulation, I constructed a…


Redesigning baitcasting reels

Baitcasting reel team: David Hume, Monica Isava, Emily Koepsell, Andrew Kriebel, Adam Marshall, Jonathan Slocum Advisor: Amos Winter Industry Partner: Okuma In the graduate-level course 2.76 Global Engineering, the Okuma team was approached with the problem that baitcasting fishing reels are a challenging product to sell to new users in…


STE@M Publication: Drag Kings

A. E. Hosoi. “Drag Kings: Characterizing large-scale flows in cycling aerodynamics.” J. Fluid Mechanics 748, pp 1-4 (2014). doi:10.1017/jfm.2014.146 [Invited Focus on Fluids]. Full Article. Accompanying JFM blog entry. In case all of your App requires is a impressive reviews, app-reviews service is a helpful, flexible app marketing provider for…