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  • STE@M Publication: Drag Kings

    A. E. Hosoi. “Drag Kings: Characterizing large-scale flows in cycling aerodynamics.” J. Fluid Mechanics 748, pp 1-4 (2014). doi:10.1017/jfm.2014.146 [Invited Focus on Fluids]. Full Article. Accompanying JFM blog entry.

  • US Olympic Free Skiing Team Suits

    US Olympic Free Skiing Team Suits

    Ski Suit Team: Zach LaBry (MIT), Kim Blair (MIT & CP), and Josh Anthony (CP) Sponsor: The North Face via Cooper Perkins Ski jumpers and alpine skiers have long embraced the idea that “tight is aero” when it comes to clothing for competition. Although the details — structure, material, and texture — all still matter, […]

  • Kiteboarding 2.0

    Kiteboard Team: Eddie Obrupta, Sam Parker, Adam Paxson, Tom Peleg, Pawel Zimoch Advisors: Peko Hosoi and Alex Slocum The goal of our current investigation is to develop a physical model of kite surfing to inform the development of new kite surfing equipment designs. We are particularly interested in improving the steady-state performance of kite surfing […]

  • Turtle Ridge Monoski

    Monoski Team: Valerie Anderson, Deniz Sevinc, and Cory Robinson Advisor: Karl Iagnemma Sponsor: Turtle Ridge Foundation Working with the Turtle Ridge Foundation, STE@M researchers are developing a new generation of monoski for adaptive skiers. This monoski is intended to be low cost and high performance, and will be used by the Turtle Ridge Foundation to […]