Industry Affiliates

One of the foundations of the STE@M mission is our partnerships with industry. Impact beyond the walls of MIT is only possibly through technical collaborations, mentorship, and generous financial support provided by our industry affiliates. For more information on becoming a STE@M affiliate, please contact Susan Brown ( Affiliate benefits include:

  • An invitation to STE@M Day. STE@M Day is an opportunity for our 25K donors to visit our labs and glimpse the future. This is an annual one-day event in which we open up our facilities to our STE@M partners to give you a chance to interact with our faculty and students, form new partnerships and collaborations, and get an exclusive look at the technologies under development in our labs.
  • Access to the STE@M Projects Website. This is a resource that allows companies to post industry challenges and projects, and view on-going sports tech projects at MIT. MIT students and faculty may respond to challenges which may result in collaborations as student thesis, research projects or course projects.
  • Your company logo and link on STE@M website

To become a donor through the MIT Giving secure website, please click here. For questions or additional information, please contact Susan Brown at

If you are interested in becoming a Founding Member and exploring opportunities for larger strategic partnerships, please contact Christina Chase.