About STE@M

STE@M – Sports Technology and Education @ MIT – is dedicated to building an interconnected community of faculty, students, industry partners, and athletes who are passionate about tackling challenges that lie at the intersection of engineering and sports. The program will carry forward the mission of the our previous incarnation (Sports Innovation @ MIT) through linking the expertise of MIT faculty; the unparalleled resources of MIT’s facilities; the passion of MIT students; and the needs, experience and insight of industry partners. STE@M activities, projects, and initiatives may include technical challenges associated with all levels of athletic involvement – from casual recreational participants, to weekend warriors, to professionals – and are organized into five pillars:

  • Advanced Human Performance: Development of new advanced materials, equipment, sensors, and analytic strategies that enable athletes to realize their full potential.
  • Extreme STE@M: Design and development of technologies associated with new and emerging sports.
  • Strategy: Optimizing the game plan including sports analytics, statistics, data mining, game theory.
  • Community: Enhancing the spectator experience including improved delivery and dissemination through mobile technologies, enhanced video technologies, sports social networking, competition logistics (e.g. technology enhanced refereeing,) and data representation.
  • Safety: Analysis of injury and risk, and design and development protective equipment along with associated new materials and sensors.

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