STE@M Student Workshops

STE@M (Sports Technology and Education @ MIT) Workshops lie at the heart of the MIT sports technology program. They are designed to immerse students in sports tech innovation processes from inspiration to invention to implementation. These workshops embrace the MIT motto Mens et Manus, blending MIT’s world-class engineering education and expertise from industry leaders with hands-on sports experiences. Students experience an intense week of activities designed to illuminate the key ingredients in successful technologies including the interplay between elegant engineering design, sound public policy, and the consumer experience.

2015 Workshop

Theme: Composites

Dates: January 10-18, 2015

Destination: Taiwan!


We are excited to announce the 2015 STE@M Workshop hosted by Singtex, Okuma, and Sheico. Our theme this year is composites. The workshop will take place in Taiwan where we will visit state-or-the-art facilities including carbon fiber and textile manufacturing plants. Accompanying sports activities will include surfing and deep sea fishing.

How to Apply

Application deadline for 2015: September 30, 2014

You must be a registered MIT student to participate. All MIT students (graduate and undergraduate) are eligible; preference will be given to undergraduate seniors and early career graduate students.

To apply, please send the following to Susan Brown (

  • Cover letter.Please include the following information: name, status (undergraduate or graduate), class of …, major
  • One page resume.
  • Portfolio. Your portfolio is the most important part of your application. We are looking for a broad mix of participants and your portfolio should showcase the unique experience, knowledge, interests and expertise you bring to the program. Things you may wish to include:
    • Photos and descriptions of design projects
    • Photos and descriptions of research projects
    • Unique work experiences
    • Entrepreneurial experience
    • Publications
    • Descriptions of hobbies and interests (particularly sports)
    • Travel and outreach experiences

If you have an online portfolio, we encourage you to send a link to that rather than a pdf document. (To see a sample portfolio, click here. Note that this example belongs to a graduate student and we understand that undergraduates may not have as broad a range of experiences yet. This is fine and we will account for that in our selection process.)

If you are selected, there is a $700 non-refundable fee to participate. Other expenses (e.g. airfare, lodging, and equipment rental) will be covered by the program.

Questions? Contact Susan Brown at

Past Workshops

Maui 2013: Wind