LU Exchange Update

MIT students K. K. Wopat, Christine Jiang, Paige Kennedy, Jack Clark, David Larson, and Abdiel Mireles show off their beer pong lunchers to Loughborough University Vice-Chancellor and President Bob Allison.  


Engineering and Fishing Tackle

STE@M faculty Peko Hosoi, Dave Hardt, Amos Winter, Sangbae Kim and former Sports Tech director, Kim Blair learn about the technical challenges associated with fishing tackle by trolling for bluefish with Okuma (makers of high performance fishing gear).

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Turtle Ridge Monoski

Monoski Team: Valerie Anderson, Deniz Sevinc, and Cory Robinson Advisor: Karl Iagnemma Sponsor: Turtle Ridge Foundation Working with the Turtle Ridge Foundation, STE@M researchers are developing a new generation of monoski for adaptive skiers. This monoski is intended to beRead more…

Mens et Manus in Maui

STE@M Workshops

STE@M (Sports Technology and Education @ MIT) Workshops lie at the heart of the MIT sports technology program. They are designed to immerse students in sports tech innovation processes from inspiration to invention to implementation. These workshops embrace the MITRead more…


Advisory Board

KIM BLAIR Favorite sports: Triathlon Kim Blair is the founding Director of the Sports Innovation Program at MIT (the precursor to STE@M) and is Vice President of Cooper Perkins a technology development and product engineering consulting firm specializing in highlyRead more…