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STE@M Faculty in the News: Peko Hosoi

Squishy robots: phase-changing material could allow even low-cost robots to switch between hard and soft states. Full story here.


STE@M Faculty in the News: Gareth McKinley

Like water off a duck’s back. STE@M faculty Gareth McKinley and collaborators reveals how shape and chemistry let feathers shed water after emerging from great depths. Full story here.

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Friends of STE@M: Tetsuya O’hara

Patagonia’s Director of Advanced Research & Development, and STE@M Friend and Workshop Coordinator Tetsuya O’hara out testing the latest innovation in wetsuits.


STE@M Faculty in the News: Nick Fang

Professor Nick Fang and his students develop new nanostructured materials based on repeating microscopic units that has record-breaking stiffness at low density. Full story here.